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The Northern Lights - a phenomenon explained

northern lights

What are the Northern Lights? We've all heard of the aurora borealis. But what is this phenomenon really and how can it be explained?

First and foremost the phenomenon 'northern lights' is actually not only visible on the north pole, but on both poles. In the north it's called the 'Aurora Borealis', while the same phenomenon on the south pole is called 'Aurora Australis'.

Different travel companies organize trips to the high north so people can go and admire this beautiful natural phenomenon from up close!

Let's see what this phenomenon is all about...


the Northern Lights

The bright dancing lights that can be observed are actually electrically charged particles from the sun colliding with the atmosphere. The phenomenon only occurs near the magnetic poles.

The light can take many forms and colors, but light green and light pink colors are the most frequently observed.

The charged particles from the sun 'ride ' to earth on the solar winds, until they are attracted by the magnetic poles in the atmosphere of the earth, where they come into contact with other particles. This creates the light effects.

Sometimes the northern lights are visible from as far as the UK, but these occurences are rare. More often, people who want to admire the northern lights travel to the high north on organozed expeditions to enjoy the show.