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Home IT Dedicated server: Benefits and drawbacks

Dedicated server: Benefits and drawbacks

supermicro server

A dedicated supermicro server is a rented server including placement in a data centre or provider server space. Alongside the hardware, an operating system and bandwidth are often already present on a dedicated server. With a managed dedicated server the supplier also takes the management of the server for his account.  In this message you can read more about the dedicated server, like the pros and cons of such a server, and the moment it is advisable to purchase a dedicated server.

What are the benefits of a dedicated supermicro server?

A dedicated supermicro server has a number of benefits. The following is a list of the most important benefits:

  • As an online company you don't share the infrastructure with others. Therefore, you will not have any issues from other websites on a shared server and peak traffic will also not be an issue.
  • With a dedicated server you will not have to pay for a server yourself, while still having access to a reliable connection.  Renting a dedicated server is much cheaper than purchasing a server yourself.
  • It is often possible to determine to what extent you control the management of the server yourself. You can also decide which software you want to run on the server..

Are there drawbacks to dedicated-hosted servers?

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, using dedicated servers also has its drawbacks. With the control over data and infrastructure comes, apart from independence, responsibility. This responsibility increases as you take more server-related business into your own hands. After all, there are several ways in which strangers can abuse your server. For one, client data can be stolen via your server. Even though such security leaks do not occur often, it is of course a huge problem when, for example, your client's credit card data are uncovered. At least the following things need to be taken into consideration:

Malware can lodge in the server and then become active. Users must be able to easily add software to their dedicated supermicro server, which also makes it possible for malware to easily find its way to the server. Malware consists of a code to disrupt the server or to steal data. Mostly malware is 'hidden' in supposedly legitimate software. To prevent malware it is advisable to check every file with a good virus scanner before placing it on the server.

Login details can be cracked. To prevent this, choose a good password with a random sequence of letters, capital letters, numbers and figures. It would also be wise to give every part of the server a different password.

Even though dedicated servers have their drawbacks, such a server is, if managed well, an excellent option for companies that emphasise a private online environment.