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Home IT Hosting prices: what can you expect to pay?

Hosting prices: what can you expect to pay?

So you finally want to jump in and make your own website, but now you're starting to consider the costs? No worries, we'll give you all the information you need to get started!

We'll review a few hosting options so you don't have to jump in blindfolded!

The cost of hosting

Before we start I just want to add a small note about the domain name registration. It's a fact that domain registration prices can vary wildly from one provider to another. If you are asked to pay more that 10-15 USD tops (even for a .com domain), you are probably being scammed somewhat. Check the domain name registration prices at various sites!

Also, don't be to quick to register your domain name: many hosting providers offer a free domain name registration when you subscribe for your hosting plan (well, free for the first year anyway), so you might as well take advantage of that.

Of course, don't be a sap: check first what the domain registration fees will be after the first year! It's all too easy for these hosting companies to offer you the first year of registration free if they're charging you for 25 bucks a year subsequently!

Anyway, if you've managed to avoid all of these pitfalls, you've made it to the phase where you want to get a hosting provider.

Stay away from overly cheap, recently founded no-name companies: honestly, you're not being smarter that anyone else, and you'll end up with crappy service, horrible loading times and a website that's offline more than it is online.

Stick to reputable vendors like Hostgator, Site5 hosting or Bluehost and you'll be fine!