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Flexible offices are the future

coworking office

Thanks to the rise of new technologies, you have more and more possibilities to work from home. Check your mails on your smartphone; conferences and meetings happen in an improvised office. Is there a future for a classic office? Or will coworking brussels take over the world.


In recent years, technology does not only determine how we work, but more and more where we work. The number of employers who choose to work one or more days at home or coffee bar is ever increasing. Nevertheless, still a lot of businesses are using open office spaces where every employer has his or her own desk.

“An inefficient way of working” says Paul Statham, head of Condeco in The Guardian. “If a company uses open offices, it wastes valuable resources from the building itself or money to pay the rent.” How can we solve this? “This is easy; use flexible working spaces and coworking”. Using its own software and infrared sensors, Condeco knows when and where an employer is working in their building. It collects and analyzes this data so Statham knows which rooms can be used as efficiently as possible, which is benevolent for employer and company.

“When businesses use flexible offices or coworking spaces, they can expand their staff without having to invest in more or bigger offices. If you, for example, repurpose only 20% of every floor this way, you will increase the efficiency of your business significantly!” says Statham. But how do you start such a project? The keyword is “interconnected” says Statham. “Employees look around in the building for a suitable spot and reserve this for a day or only a couple of hours. Your behavior will then be monitored using the infrared sensors. If you leave your booked working space, you will receive a notification on your smartphone to ask if you want to release your spot or not.” The classical office will certainly continue to live on, but the way it is used  will change dramatically.