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Hot Stone Massage - a relaxing treatment

Hot stone massage is the traditional practice where basalt stoes are heated in a hot water bath with a constant temperature, to induce a physiological effects of relaxation and detoxification during the massage with the stones.

The person who receives a hot stone massage treatment eventually feels a multitude of contrasting sensations, repeated stimuli and relaxation.

What is hot stone massage?

Massages with basalt stones, stones and marine marbles , do not look like a traditional manual massage. During the massage, cold stones are also introduced in the middle sequences of the treatment. The alternation of hot and cold causes a pleasant surprise. This surprising use of hot and cold - called thermotherapy - is a principle that is the cornerstone of this therapeutic method.

Who can benefit from hot stone massage?

Basically everyone, although there may be counterindications: it's not advised for people with diabetes, cardiovascular problems or suffering from immunodeficiency diseases. This is why it is essential that the practitioner is properly trained in order to be entitled to determine the most appropriate temperature according to various criteria defined by the subject's health and profile. The alternation of warm and cool stones helps to relieve deep muscular tension and chronic pain. Blood circulation and energy flow are restored.

What happens during a session?

The person is asked to lie on his or her back on top of the hot stones the therapist has arranged on the massage table in a specific way according to the morphology of the client. Then hot and cold stones are placed on key locations of the front of the body, certain chakras, or around the shoulders and neck.

While person is lying on the stones placed along his spine, the body will be heated by successive passages of the oiled hot stones which are slid slowly along the muscles, from head to toe.